Combating Discrimination

Combating Discrimination

This website serves as an information hub accompanying the project ‘How to breathe life into Kosovo Anti-Discrimination Law’. Building on its longtime experience in enhancing the implementation of Kosovo Anti-Discrimination Legislation, ECMI Kosovo has started cooperating with Poradna pro občanství/Občanská a lidská práva (Counseling Center for Citizenship/Civil and Human rights), a Czech non-governmental organization that focuses on issues of citizenship rights and the rights of foreigners, fighting discrimination, equal opportunities and extending help to families in need.

The aim of this project is to raise awareness among human rights activists in Kosovo about the methods that are available for combating the discrimination of different vulnerable groups. Additionally, the project wants to establish a network for sharing the long-term experience with the anti-discrimination policy in the Czech Republic. Special emphasis is given to the method of situation testing which has been successfully used by the Counseling Center for more than ten years. More than 90% of Czech anti-discrimination case-law is now based on situation testing evidence. In the framework of this project, pilot situation testing shall be conducted in Kosovo to map the situation in the country and to raise awareness about the added value situation testing can bring to anti-discrimination policy. The project is financially supported by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic within the Transition Promotion Program. The website wants to provide information on the following points:

A Handbook has been created within the project How to Bring Antidiscrimination Law to Life by the Czech non-governmental organization Poradna in cooperation with the European Centre for Minority Issues Kosovo (ECMI Kosovo). The goal of this handbook is to describe the basic aspects of the situation testing method and to give examples of application of the method, not just in the Czech Republic but also in other countries. Where suitable, Kosovo regulations are mentioned as they are of a wider scope than the Czech minimalist regulations. However, without practical application, we remain in the sphere of theory without concrete results. In addition to the method itself, this handbook describes strategic litigation that may pave the way for the victims of discrimination towards legal protection of their rights.The purpose of this project is to familiarize the experts of Kosovo non-governmental organizations with the ways of combating discrimination that proved to be efficient in years long practice of Poradna in the Czech Republic, and to strengthen their capacities in protection of equal treatment rights in Kosovo through legal means primarily through the method of situation testing and strategic litigation in discrimination cases.

Please find here the English, Albanian and Serbian version.

Finally, the website presents a resource hub which brings together valuable information on discrimination and anti-discrimination measures in Kosovo and useful international anti-discrimination handbooks and manuals.